Brynn Freeman

Guiding Your Journey Home.

Brynn Freeman is a seasoned real estate professional with over seven years in the business.

Background and Community Involvement:
Brynn and her family recently made Granbury their home and immediately embraced the warm welcome from the community. She is passionate about being an integral part of Granbury’s real estate landscape.

Partnership and Business Ventures:
Beyond her role in real estate, Brynn collaborates with her husband, Jacob, in their other business ventures, including custom home building and home inspection companies. This partnership allows them to seamlessly combine their knowledge, creating a powerhouse of expertise that benefits clients in every aspect of real estate.

Family Life:
In addition to her thriving real estate career and business ventures, Brynn is a devoted mother to three children. She has two grown adults successfully navigating their paths and one high schooler passionately involved in sports.

Personal Interests:
Brynn is a big fan of the “Friends” sitcom, finding joy in its timeless humor. When the day winds down, she looks forward to sharing a good glass of wine with her husband and friends. This appreciation for laughter and camaraderie reflects Brynn’s ability to bring a touch of warmth and familiarity to both her personal life and the real estate experiences she shares with clients.

Why Us?

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