Kara Watson

Guiding Your Journey Home.

Kara Watson has been a dedicated Realtor since June 2023. Her journey in the real estate industry is backed by over two decades of experience in the mortgage sector, where she excelled in roles ranging from receptionist to processor and mortgage loan officer for 10 years.

Passion for the Business:
Kara’s passion lies in helping people. With a servant’s heart, she finds immense joy in assisting families with one of their largest financial decisions and investments – their homes.

What Sets Her Apart:
Kara’s unique blend of real estate and lending experience sets her apart from other Realtors. Her comprehensive knowledge of the mortgage process enables her to assist clients not only in finding the perfect home but also in navigating the complexities of financing it.

Why Choose Kara:
Clients choose Kara for her unwavering commitment to their needs and her exceptional understanding of both real estate and mortgage processes. Her enthusiasm and expertise make her a valuable partner in any real estate journey.

Kara specializes in residential real estate, focusing on helping families find their dream homes.

Why Us?

We are here to provide you with top-notch service and expert advice. At Empire Realty Group, we are dedicated to guiding your journey home.